Kathleen Lack


“I want to let you know that my husband LOVE Loves his portrait !  So thrilled with it.”


"I think it is an almost perfect likeness of me, exact in the details of my physicality and as

well as the broader strokes of my character." 

Max Norman

“You have a rare freedom when you paint. But, it's more than that. Like a gifted, acrobatic and remarkable "ice skater on thin ice"...you take the brush in your hand. You look. You dip your brush into pigment. Then, you spin your brush across the canvas surface with wizardry and a sure-footed beauty.  ….. I love the way your mind, your eye and your paint brush 'skates'.. 'twirls'... 'spins' over the surface of your canvas. I think your work is plain terrific!!!!”.

Ann Rinehart, Artist/Art Instructor Emeritus


“...my favorite piece is "Merav I" - it reminds me of my daughters and the immense emotion we shared in recognizing that they were becoming women. Thank you for your entry.”

Barbara Dougherty, Art Calendar

“Portraiture has accounted for some of Kathleen Lack's finest work.  Working in oils, pastels and watercolors, her paintings are highly evocative.”

Mary Connell, Novato Advance

“I am delighted to have the opportunity to become acquainted with your work – the best figurative artist I have seen in years.”

Ann Gubsen

“Among the standouts are ... and a skillfully handled portrait of a woman playing the cello by Kathleen Lack of Novato.”

Victoria Dalkey, Sacramento Bee Art Correspondent

“As a former Mr. Mom I was quite intrigued with your portrait of the little girl. ... They don't stay little forever but portraits like yours keep us thinking they do.”

Jim Attwood, Web Browser

“Your technique exemplifies the perfect equipoise between intergrity of form and expressive freedom.”

Whit Taylor, Lyonshead Gallery