Kathleen Lack


Commissioning a portrait can be fun for both the artist and the subject. I often will take extensive photos of the model and select the one or two that captures those special qualities of that person. I also love to paint directly from the model. If you are interested in having your portrait commissioned, please feel free to call me at 415-883-5363 or cell 415-246-2541.
The following is a guideline that I apply to pricing my portraitures. The prices quoted are for a single person. Each additional person in the portrait increases the price by two-thirds. A consultation is needed to determine the price on multiple person portraits.

Preliminary photo shoots are necessary for children especially, but also done for adults, as most people don't have the time to sit for the artist. If you do have the time to sit, it may take a series of 3 or 4 sittings at about 3 hours for each sitting.


Pricing Guidelines

Works on Linen (Oil)  
Portraits within the following canvas sizes:  
Face & shoulders up to 18" x 24" $2500
3/4 Figure up to 24" x 30" $3900
3/4 figure up to 30" x 40" $4500
Full Figure up to 36" x 46" $5500
Works on Paper  
Portraits up to 12" x 17" $1900
3/4 figure up to 18" z 24" $2500
3/4 figure up to 24" x 32" $3200
Full figure over 24" x 32" $3500